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Stephen Segal

Stephen Segal
The art of memory making is truly an ancient art form, where images were drawn in the sand, on parchment or even painted on walls in caves. These images depicted life and conveyed messages of love, hope, survival and the various intricacies related to life.

Very little has changed since then and images have become the biggest communicating device the world has seen. People no longer type full messages or send registered post, life is depicted through images.
I have always loved to capture and portray life in its natural and sometimes vivid beauty.

My photography represents not only the beauty of life but my interpretation of what I see and feel when capturing a moment.
I am a story teller and memory maker.

Type of photography: Portraiture, Fashion, Wedding, Fine Art, Wildlife, Action Sports
Favorite Camera and Lens: Nikon D810 and 24-70mm

Takeway T1 Clampods x4
Takeway extenders x4
Takeway iPad holder
Takeway phone holder


Nikon D4s, D810, D750
85mm f1,4
105mm Micro
200mm f2
Takeway T1 Clampods

Lighting Equipment:
Nikon Speedlights SB 910x 6
Nikon SU800
MagMods x 6
MagMod Gels x 3
Elinchrom rangers
Pocket Wizards
California Sunbounce Reflectors

City: Pretoria
Country: South Africa
Publications: Elle, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bizarre, Vogue, Sports Illustarted, FHM, National Geographic, Elite, Speed and Track
Website :
Product Testimonial:
Never have I seen such an amazing product!!! The Takeway T1 Clampod is both functional, lightweight, powerful, travel friendly and great looking.
I have really put my T1’s to the test attaching everything from speed lights, video cameras, DSLR’s and large lenses (D750 & 200mm-400mm tested successfully)!
The T1 just keeps going and amazing me!

I endorse very few things however the Takeway T1 Clampod is a product that is truly that amazing!!

This product is not a nice to have it is a HAVE to have!!!

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