Takeway R1 Clampod
Takeway R1 Clampod
Takeway R1 Clampod
Takeway R1 Clampod

To be the mount for any sport action cameras, smartphone, tablet computer and speedlight, microphone stand.

The inner jaw can be easily deployed and stored; it allows users to clamp it on a small cylinder. Its range is 10~16mm.

Handle with 360"-rotate design and precise screw is good for use. It is stabilize effortlessly.

for dynamic

Quick release clip design for most action cameras and can quickly attach.



The ultra-lightweight R1 Ranger weight only 73g and is portable and convenient to use.

Best partner in anytime, anywhere

Not only can it be clamped on to tubes, it can also be secured on flat surfaces. It is portable and convenient to use for consumer electronics such as smartphones and tablets and selfie, record video.

Indispensable for traveling

Compatible with smartphones. It can be installed on the mirror and handlebar of a motorcycle, or the review mirror in the car. Use for GPS or driving recorder, or it can also be fixed on the prongs of the car seat head rest for easy use of tablets.

show up!!

R1 can be mounted on the handlebar, seat tube, front fork or seat stay of your bicycle and help to record your journey nice and easy from any angles. It will stay fixed under any extreme activity. It will not loosen even when it is used while moving around, and no tools are required for installation or taking it off.

Draw on local resources!?

Taking R1 Ranger and wherever you go, just enjoy the convenience and possibilities. R1 Ranger clamping range for tube is 10-32mm, and for flat surface is 5-32mm.

Impressive moments!

Super convenient and lightweight! You can clamp it on any available objects any time! Never missing at the moments.

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