Takeway T1 Clampod
  1. Takeway T-B01

    Model number:T-B01

    Product name:Ballhead

    Load capacity:For dynamic 300g, For static 3kg

    Suitable for:Can be used for most digital cameras, DSLRs, & 3C products; or use it with Takeway™ peripheral accessories.

  2. Takeway T-FN01

    Model number:T-FN01

    Product name:Flex Neck

    Load capacity: For static 800g

    Suitable for:Extending the T-TH01 tablet PC seat or the T-PH02 sports mobile phone seat for expanded use and angle.

  3. Takeway T-B01

    Model number:T-TH01

    Product name:Tablet holder

    Load capacity For static 800g

    Suitable for:T-TH01 connects to T1/T1+/R1/R2/T-FN01 by the 1/4" screw hole. Used for tablet PCs or larger smart phones. The largest available width of tablet is approximately 22cm (approximately 12-inch tablet, iPad Pro 12.9 is acceptable) and 800g (1.76pounds).

  4. Takeway T-PH02

    Model number:T-PH02

    Product name:Smart phone holder for sport

    Load capacity:For dynamic 200g

    Suitable for:Covered design. This can be used in a dynamic environment. Even strong vibration will not easily cause this device to come loose. Appropriate for 4-5.7 inch smart phones.

  1. Takeway T-RC01

    Model number:T-RC01

    Product name:Quick release cilp

    Suitable for:Suitable for the quick release seat of all Takeway™ products.

  2. Takeway T-RC02

    Model number:T-RC02

    Product name:Quick release clip with notch

    Suitable for:Include turn-prevention slot and precise drill marks. This is appropriate for all Takeway™ product quick release seats.

  3. Takeway T-RC03

    Model number:T-RC03

    Product name:Quick release clip for action cam

    Suitable for:Mainstream
    action cams bases on the market.

  4. Takeway T-BK01

    Model number:T-BK01

    Product name:Ballhead knob

    Suitable for:Takeway™ ballhead.

  1. Takeway T-RK01

    Model number:T-RK01

    Product name:Quick release knob

    Suitable for:Takeway™ ballhead.

  2. Takeway T-SA23

    Model number:T-SA23

    Product name:3/8” screw adapter

    Suitable for:1/4 convertible 3/8 turn screw. Used for conversion of camera tripod hole/tripod/tripod head/and quick release interface.

  3. Takeway T-SA25

    Model number:T-SA25

    Product name:5/8” screw adapter

    Suitable for:1/4 convertible 5/8 turn screw. The convertible interface can be used for laser positioner, laser level, and laser ink instrument.

  4. Takeway T-H01

    Model number:T-H01

    Product name:Handle

    Suitable for:Suitable for ergonomic disk-shape handles. This device is made of soft plastic, which is easy to use.

  1. Takeway T-IJ01

    Model number:T-IJ01

    Product name:Inner jaw for T1

    Suitable for:The inner jaw can be easily deployed and stored, it allows users to clamp it on a small cylinder or a poll firmly. Its range is between 16~30mm.

  2. Takeway T-IJ02

    Model number:T-IJ02

    Product name:Inner jaw for R1

    Suitable for:The inner jaw can be easily deployed and stored,it allows users to clamp it on a small cylinder or a poll firmly. Its range is between 10~16mm.

  3. Takeway T-S01

    Model number:T-S01

    Product name:T1 Stand

    Suitable for:T1 use. The easily detachable stand-up base is easy to put away and can stably support the tripod.

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